Users access your customized Loyalty Club, perform engaging activities and win rewards. It's as simple as it seems! Our software is filled with features that enable you to create campaigns in minutes, increase referrals and social shares while learning from your user's behaviors.

User’s information is stored in a social CRM including preferences, demographics and actions taken.


Points, Level, and Reward system to encourage profitable actions that drive customer loyalty.


Send automated Emails or Facebook notifications to users based on triggers and or segmentations.


Collect data and feedback through surveys which allows you to validate responses and analyze the data.


The platform is fully responsive and can be accessed from mobile phones, tablets or desktops.


Cross your online and offline sales or events by using the unique promo code and QR code system.


Communicate with all users or a segmented group through Email, Push and Facebook Notifications.


Reward the most loyal customers, personalize your marketing or reactivate churned users.


Make better marketing decisions. Get participant insights and learn from your results and data weekly.


Turn customers into profitable marketers. Referral programs are the best way to acquire new clients.


Build your own custom loyalty activities in a matter of minutes using our engagement center’s action templates.


Easily manage stock automatically and organize all prize order information in one central location.


Build your own custom prizes in just a couple of minutes, which will motivate your users to engage with the platform.


Promotions such as our Facebook photo contest enable campaigns to go viral and boost growth.


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