Social&Loyal’s Partner Program will help you provide your clients with incredible results beyond expectations

Current Agency Challenges

The current way of life for an agency isn’t easy. With a project based model that can be hard to measure results and obtain new clients, many agencies are missing out on big opportunities for growth. Social&Loyal’s Partner Program provides solutions to agency problems in the following ways:

Dependable Subscription Based Model

With Social&Loyal’s technology you can rest assured that your business model is sustainable and scalable, with recurring revenue coming in each month instead of project based, inconsistent revenue.

Clear Traceable Results

With our technology, you can track dependable results for your clients with just a few clicks. No more will you need to manually find results and put them all into a excel for your clients, with a few clicks you’ll have all the data you need to prove incredible results.

Cloud Technology Brings A Flow of New Clients

With our cloud technology you are able to sell to any company all over the globe. No longer do you need to depend on referrals, this gamified loyalty technology is in high demand and sells itself with the incredible results it provides clients.


Map out the plan for Gamified Loyalty Success

1. Extensive Training: You will obtain training with Social&Loyal Experts both on the product and gamified loyalty
2. Onboarding Coach: You will be provided with your own Social&Loyal coach who will help you each step of the way


Prepare for sales success

1. Sales Training: You will be trained by our sales department and will have continual workshops to increase sales success
2. Sales Materials: We will provide you with the best sales materials to help you win the sale.


Retention and Networking

Collaborate: Join our active forums and webinars to network with other Social&Loyal partners and learn the best practices to retain and build your client base.


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