One of the best ways a company can learn is from other companies successes or failures. Why pay the price of failure when someone else already has? To learn how to create your company’s customer loyalty program it’s key to analyze the best loyalty programs, which are adapting to customer trends and behaviors.

One of the trends of top loyalty programs is to incorporate social media, providing rewards for performing various social actions like sharing posts, referring friends, participating in photo contests, liking pages, using hashtags and much more. These actions not only build customer loyalty and reward users for actions they already enjoy doing but it has a double benefit to grow your social communities, reaching new consumers and building your brand’s credibility.

Here’s a list and analysis of the best loyalty programs in the market today.


1. Ipsy’s Built-in Social Loyalty Program


ipsy rewards program


Ipsy has been very strategic in building their social loyalty program as part of their product and services. This company offers a monthly subscription that includes samples of various types of beauty products based off of your own preferences. Not only do they provide these products but they give you specific advice on how to use each product with videos, pictures and articles.

The customer experience begins before you even receive the bag. Ipsy sends each consumer an email allowing them to see what they will be receiving that month IF they share a specific post on social media. You get a sneak peek into your new beauty product while the brand gets more exposure on social media. Win-win.

Once you receive the precious little bags (which I personally use on a daily basis) you have the option of reviewing all of these products and sharing your reviews on social media to earn points. These points go towards various rewards of products you can add to your bag. Ipsy provides various other ways to earn points such as:

  • Liking brands pages on social media
  • Following Ipsy’s Twitter page
  • Liking Ipsy’s Facebook page
  • Referring new friends to sign up

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 11.45.15

It doesn’t end there, Ipsy also runs continual giveaway campaigns for larger baskets of products that you can enter by performing certain actions such as liking a specific brand’s Facebook page, uploading an image and using a specific hashtag on Instagram. You can learn a lot from this brand, who currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram and close to 5 million likes on Facebook and is taking much of the market share from this beauty subscription industry.


2.’s Giveaway Win-Win's giveaway program


This brand is another industry leader that allows boutiques to sell their clothing at a discounted rate, up to 80% off the original price. They work with over a 1000 different boutiques and have hundreds of thousands of customers who value buying local unique clothing and jewelry. One of their top strategies to retain and grow their consumer base is to run giveaways, which provide consumers with some of their boutiques products. To enter in the giveaway you have to do various actions, the more actions you do the more entries you can have in the giveaway. Examples of these actions include:

  • Liking the Boutique’s Facebook page
  • Liking’s Facebook page
  • Following the Boutique on Twitter
  • Liking on Twitter
  • Following the Boutique on Instagram
  • Using a specific hashtag
  • Writing a Review
  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Share Facebook post

All of these different actions help to gain brand awareness and also up the chances for the consumer to win one of the prizes offered. One of the keys to these campaigns is that they run them on a continual basis so users keep coming back for more! Here at Social&Loyal our clients are able to run campaigns while also maintaining a base of actions and prizes for consumers. When you can maintain a base of actions you can encourage the users to continue performing actions after they’ve participated in the contest. Learn different social media contest ideas for your company here.


3. Glow Miles Rewards Program

Glow best Rewards program


This Korean brand curates various different types of natural and harsh-free beauty products and latest skincare trends to make them accessible to women all around the globe. Their loyalty program forms part of their strategy to gain brand awareness and help women to discover new and natural beauty products.

The Glow Miles rewards program goes past the purchase to provide consumers rewards for performing various types of actions including:

  • Exclusive product previews
  • Birthday miles
  • First access to tester panel
  • Create rewards account
  • Invite friend and give them discount
  • Share posts on social media

By rewarding users past the purchase this brand is able to create a stronger relationship with consumers while also gaining more visibility and increasing their consumer base. They also make good use of tiers, providing more rewards to users who are more active on the rewards program.


As you can see, the best loyalty programs are clearly placing a focus on social media by rewarding users for social shares, referrals, reviews, uploading images and using hashtags. These actions help to grow your brand by using a channel where more than a billion consumers are already active.

If you’d like to learn how your brand can incorporate social media into your loyalty program set up a free consultation today!


Johnny Reyes
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