Brand ambassadors might not only take your brand forward, but lead it in directions which are hard to predict. Their purpose is to expand your brand to other customers, but also to wholly new demographics. This is why the best brand ambassadors for you are influencers in general.

To do this you need to tread a relatively fine line between giving your representatives the range to explore areas you have previously neglected and keeping them on point to ensure your brand is accurately represented. This is exactly why customer loyalty software is here; to keep your brand ambassador program focused and productive.


Make the Rewards Personalized

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If you are chasing influencers as your brand ambassadors, then then you can’t undermine them with disappointing rewards. Not only will they not be incentivized to do a good job, but they won’t likely agree to the task and go to a brand which understands them better.

As 2018 progresses, customers are getting as savvy as marketers. Since brand ambassadors are bridging the gap between the two, they are going to need to be rewarded for their services.

This is why you need to be one step further and know why your ambassadors are supportive of your brand in the first place. Use their customer loyalty accounts to analyze their purchases with you and see how they share on social media. Use survey information, either from previous interactions or as a set up to your brand/ambassador relationship.

Similar to how you will behave with the customers they attract, once you build their ambassador profile you are in the advantageous position of knowing what kind of rewards they will respond to. More than this, you will be able to get creative and think of rewards they would not have previously considered. It fosters loyalty and reassures your ambassador they are backing the right horse.


Engage Your Ambassador like a Valued Customer

A good boss will value their workers. They won’t belittle them to meet deadlines, nor make unreasonable demands to increase productivity. There is still, however, a hierarchy which needs ti be considered. When it comes to engaging your ambassadors the lines can be a little blurred.

As brand ambassadors are acute, they will know the deal you are making. They have an end to hold up and will be willing to work if they feel valued enough. However, it is not just about the reward. You have to make sure they have the right levels of engagement.

This doesn’t simply mean how many followers they have. Use your ambassador program to check their social media interactions, gauge their response to trends and get a better idea of their overall personal brand.

Once you are happy with your ambassador’s level of engagement, it’s time to start your own. Show that you have common ground, share core values and want to see the same things happening in the future. It will forge a bond which is strong and sets you up for the best chances of success in your relationship together.


Feedback on Mobile Use

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Your ambassadors are not door to door shysters or snake oil salespeople. They know your product or service and they are selling it because it is something they want to promote. Since they know your brand well, they are not only able to spread the word, but they are able to send some of it back.

Making your brand ambassadors part of the future of the brand means letting them invest some of themselves into the product. They can do this by providing feedback. However, ambassador feedback should be more invested and more heavily engaged than customer feedback. After all it is more valuable. Plus it lets ambassadors feel like they are truly part of the team and helps forge stronger loyalty which gets passed on to new customers.

Mobile platforms are the way forward in customer loyalty programs in 2018 and beyond. This is because mobile interaction has long overtaken fixed internet access and this does not look like a trend which is going to stop any time soon. Your brand ambassadors should be those who know, either intuitively or through more formal experience, how well your mobile interface is fairing.

Ask for specific feedback on the features of your desktop site, mobile site and customer loyalty app. See how seamlessly they feed into each other and ask for suggestions of improvements to be made. Do all of this through your customer loyalty software, but don’t forget to make it personalized. This information benefits you, it benefits the ambassador, it benefits the practical working of the program and, hopefully, this will result in new customers who will equally appreciate the smooth interaction.


Keep Track of Where They’ve Been and Where They’re Going

Part of the line of engagement we discussed earlier is seeing how well your ambassadors have worked as influencers in the past. Once you have built their profile, you have a starting off point which you can use to see how well they flourish. You will have a brand ambassador because you want to increase your reach and bring in new business.

Keeping tabs on your ambassadors doesn’t mean pestering them with constant updates or micromanaging every decision. Instead, you want to build a platform which gives them incentives to keep moving forward as well as checking base with enough regularity.

A gamified ambassador program does this by creating the little milestones and points collection which shows the success of your partnership. Your loyalty software can help do this by providing unique codes for each ambassador. When an ambassador makes a new referral, the customer can make their purchase using this code which feeds back into the program.

This allows you to then contact both the ambassador and the customer. The ambassador will receive their agreed upon reward and the customer gets to start their loyalty journey with you. You can even ask for specific feedback from the customer, but this depends on the level of engagement you are happy with. You don’t want to scare the customer away when they have just arrived.

You can also offer exciting prizes to your ambassadors when they reach certain targets. This adds an extra incentive, but also strengthens your relationship. Best practices for ambassador programs in 2018 means treating your ambassadors as valued members of the team and you can best do this by rewarding them appropriately.

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Toni Arco
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