Loyalty Program Software

The Rise of Loyalty Program Software

As fascinating a subject as it is, we simply don’t have time to go into a detailed history of customer loyalty programs. If we did, we’d be discussing everything from trading stamps to the introduction of airline miles. Instead, we’re … Read More

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Customer retention software

7 Elements Your Customer Retention Software Needs

Many marketing researchers will tell you that customer loyalty and retention are two different things. To some extent they are correct, with much iteration about the fact retention is a simpler concept of how many customers you keep year to … Read More

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Social media contest ideas

15 Social Media Contest Ideas to Boost Your Retention

It’s coming up to the holidays and finding the right gift to get someone is a task. When that someone is your entire customer base, making sure they’re not disappointed takes some effort. Fortunately, social media contests are a great … Read More

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retail loyalty programs

Why the World’s Best Retail Loyalty Programs are Multichannel

When full-scale commercial television programming began in the USA in 1947, customers were amazed by the twice a day 15 minute news broadcasts. Today it is difficult to imagine a world where on demand streaming services of almost any content … Read More

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loyalty program software

How to Use Holidays in Your Loyalty Program Software

There are few better words in the English language than holiday. They make kids giddy and adults relieved. A recent study showed that 63% of workers want to take a trip with their time off. Unfortunately, the same study showed … Read More

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best rewards programs

Why 77% of Loyalty Program Software Fail in the First Two Years

According to a recent Wunderman study, 74% of customers believe the only way a brand will progress is by providing a higher level of customer service. If the customer believes this, then it is as good as verified. If your … Read More

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Best rewards program

How to Get Ahead of the Best Rewards Programs in 2018

With a tumultuous 2017 winding its way down, it’s easy to see how the instability of global markets might make the idea of growth a complicated one. Whether it is a direct response or a trend which would have happened … Read More

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best rewards programs

How to Build the Best Rewards Programs with Multichannel Product Distribution

For food and beverage retailers, distribution can be a complicated task. However, keeping it too simple can be problematic also. Making sure you have all your bases covered means shipping stock, keeping new orders coming in and, importantly for this … Read More

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Loyalty program software

5 Reasons Your Company Needs Loyalty Program Software

Building customer loyalty without the appropriate loyalty program software is like climbing a mountain without an oxygen tank. If you have big lungs, there us a slight chance you could make it. However, you’re more likely to get stranded and … Read More

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Ambassador Program

How to Build the Best Brand Ambassador Program

If your company is doing well, you should have brand ambassadors already. These are the people who use your product or service, are knowledgeable about how it works and share their enthusiasm with others. It is a sure sign that … Read More

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