Eucerin, one of the top brands of the german leading cosmetics corporation Beiersdorf, has launched a social loyalty program to improve the relationship with its customers and attract new ones.

For doing so, the Brand has launched a loyalty program called Club Eucerin. Participants of the club can get loyalty points redeemable for rewards for any action they take that add value to the brand. Actions like purchasing products, following the company in multiple social networks, conducting surveys, giving contact information or answering quiz games can be rewarded with brand’s products.

Few months after going live, Club Eucerin is already a success story. The brand has managed to attract thousands of users, exponentially increase audience engagement in social networks, gather relevant information about consumers and dramatically improve the organic positioning of its web site.

This way, Eucerin, the first cosmetics Brand that has trusted in a social loyalty program, has done a huge step forward in collecting information about its consumers. In the first stage of the program (consumer attraction), the brand has built an extensive data base of consumers and potential consumers and has been able to detect different consumer segments depending on their type of skin, preferred products, purchase channel, etc. Additionally, the brand has collected thousands of product reviews, increased x3 their facebook fans and exponentially increased the number of searches of their brand in Google.

The technology provider of Eucerin’s loyalty program is Social&Loyal, a pioneer solution of omnichannel loyalty programs. The club has been implemented and managed by the international online marketing agency DSeed.


Toni Arco
CEO & Head of Growth
Toni, our CEO, is passionate about business growth through technology. He has founded 2 technology companies and spent over 6 years as CTO of digital marketing companies. He spends his time discovering the newest technology and applying trends to our own product and processes. He mentors tech start-ups and teaches courses on growth hacking to share his knowledge.

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