Building a unique customer experience in the next year and beyond comes with many considerations. No one can predict the future, but if you don’t try, you’ll be left in the wake of those who do. Using every tool in the box to ensure you are as on the money as possible is where customer loyalty software comes in.

Using your customer loyalty software, you can navigate the new innovations in a marketing landscape which is constantly in flux. One increasingly important aspect of customer experience is providing a uniqueness which sets you above competition. This is much easier said than done in such a competitive landscape.

Social&Loyal is here to reveal the steps your company needs to take to make a customer experience which is not only unique, but worth sticking with.


Technology is No Longer Impersonal

Until the singularity, we humans still want the personalized touch which artificial intelligence simply can’t provide. This is why customer service in 2018 will continue to focus on how technology benefits the customer and how this experience can be personalized and personable at the same time.

Building up a customer loyalty program which integrates technology into a personalized service is becoming easier as the technology becomes more readily available. You are able to track purchases, use surveys and keep customers updated with a bespoke system. Having software which takes every piece of information and adds it to their personal customer profile is the best way to ensure your customer knows you not only want what’s best for them, but you are able to provide it.

Amazon is ahead of the curve in this respect as they are expanding their online profile into brick and mortar stores. However, within these stores are scannable tags which “integrate seamlessly” with the Amazon App. Through this they can provide recommendations, update availability of certain products and provide opportunity for feedback to make even more improvements.

With the right customer loyalty software, you can do just with QR codes and mailing systems. Use Amazon’s example to provide your own unique version of this immersive customer experience.


Hyper-Individualization with Digital Assistants

If you go to you the store with your smartphone, you’re not on your own. Browsing through records, looking for a dinner recipe or scoping any product available (or yet to be available) can be aided by a quick ask of Siri or Alexa. These personal assistants are starting to outperform even the now relatively antiquated task of Googling something yourself.

These digital assistants store up the information you ask them and set preferences which the customer chooses. They can provide advice, but, like a friend, it is only useful advice if they know the customer.

Digital assistants in the future will be integrated into customer loyalty software to combine data collection and customer strategies into an accessible and personal experience for the user. Bigger brands have the ability to help or hinder smaller ones. This means you will need a customer loyalty program which integrates with other technologies and services. Making your brand stand out will encourage working together and ensuring you are a top result when it comes to searches and recommendations by said other services.


Privacy is Paramount

With all of this data being spread around and customer profiles being built, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement. However, customers are becoming increasingly savvy as to the value of their likes, shares, dates of birth and even email addresses.

With a warranted understanding, customers fear their information can be used to manipulate or, even worse, abuse them. This is why your unique customer experience in 2018 is one which respects privacy.

Building up a personalized customer experience means knowing how much they want to give away. Having a rigid, yet open set of privacy settings allows customers to utilize only the aspects which feel they will be benefit from. For some, this will be the whole kit and caboodle. For others this will be a lessened service, using more restrictions on the data provided.

Your way to ensure you are getting the most information you can is by having a responsible service which respects customer boundaries. Being open with your customers and allowing them to know just how their information is going to be used will make them more likely to trust you the next time you ask them for information. Savvy customers understand they get what they give in terms of customer service.


Your Whole Brand is Personal

The customer experience of the future is a wholly engaged one. On all levels, your brand needs to act in the best interest of the customer. If they fill out one of your surveys, your customer loyalty program needs to be on the ball to let the information provided inform their next loyalty reward.

However, it is not just the digital assistants and automated messages which are proving your personality as a brand. At every level, customers need to know who they are working with. This is because the customer experience of the future respects the personal values of the individual.

Customers want to know the product or service in which they invest (through simple purchase or through their own social media marketing) is lining the pockets of people they respect. CEOs are slowly starting to understand that the business leaders of the future are those who make their own profile a sellable commodity.

The main reason for this is that they will soon have no choice. With tech blogs and start up profilers, a good business needs a good team to ensure it will work. This means CEOs and other executives who are transparent in their operations and ethical in their decisions.

It also means staff on all levels becoming brand ambassadors with their own social media presences and basic human interactions. This is of course in tandem with a forward thinking brand ambassador program which also respects your brand’s core values.

A unique customer experience is one where your brand doesn’t tell the customer what they want. They listen and then use their expertise to provide the engagement they are looking for. Getting to know them personally, on all levels, is why customer loyalty software is increasingly so valuable.

Marcos Martínez
Software Engineer & Head of IT

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