A good Loyalty Program Software is a must-have in any company who wants to have a closer relationship with their client, for them to be loyal and recommend them to others. By using said software, we can put implement more efficient methods and improve our results in this area. But how do we do it?

At times, it can be hard to choose from amongst the large variety of available products on the market. There is so much choice that sometimes it can even be dizzying. Knowing exactly what we need and which product can provide us exactly that it no easy feat. Which is why we would like to talk today about Loyalty Platform Software solutions. Why? To give you some tips and recommendations for you to choose the one the best adapts your needs and gives you the most efficient solution. If you happen to be looking for one, keep reading!


How to choose the best Loyalty Program Software for you


  • Trustworthy software: Loyalty Program Software has many advantages. It is an IT application to manage loyalty programs, meaning its strong point is the fact that you can use a trustworthy software to manage all this work, which is very important. When making a decision, always opt for the most reliable product, even if it may require a somewhat higher initial investment. Sometimes, we need to invest a bit more at the beginning in order to avoid significant future issues.
  • Gamified Loyalty Platforms: the goal of these platforms is to loyalize clients by using games, contests, promotions, and much, much more. They work very well, for example, to make sure your social media users feel a part of a dynamic community and see how your company cares for your clients. It has also been proved that games and promotions exponentially multiply engagement on social media and help promote an improved brand image. In other words, if you are looking for Loyalty Software Program solutions, gamification platforms are an excellent option to keep in mind.
  • Segmented communication: When you use a loyalty software, it is important to choose one that allows you to segment your communications. In other words, that allows you to send out different messages to different segments or groups within your client database. In this way, you will be able to offer each type of client exactly the right actions, that best fit their needs or behavior. Personalization is a very important key to making customers loyal. Making them feel unique and offering them personalized opportunities is essential to stand out as a brand.
  • Real time analytics: When choosing a software to manage your loyalty programs, always choose one that offers real time analytics. These kinds of programs help you control the results of your efforts, measuring them and giving you advice on how they’re going. A proper analysis is very important and will help monitor and optimize your campaigns, so don’t settle for any less!
  • Database Generation: Any Loyalty Program Software should include a good database generation system. If it doesn’t, you will not have access to updated and reliable information about your audience. It is very important, when selecting a tool, that you make sure it has a good system.
  • Multichannel Platform: The internet happens on countless channels all at the same time, and companies are present on different social media, websites, communities, etc. Which is why a LPS should always be a multi channel platform, and it is very important to keep this in mind when choosing your software. If not, we will feel the limitations of this very quickly.


These are just some of the key points to keep in mind when choosing a program to manage our client loyalty efforts. There are, nevertheless, many more that depend on other factors, such as the industry we work in, the type of programs we wish to develop, our budget, etc.

In any case, it is very important that the tools we choose adapts to our needs, provides us with effective solutions and is appropriate for our type of audience. The goal should be for our clients to be happy and satisfied with our brand, regularly consume our products and even take a step further by recommending us to others. Converting a client into an enthusiastic consumer who is willing to recommend the brand is no easy task. Achieving it, however, provides a priceless advantage to any brand.

This is precisely why investing in a good Loyalty program Software is so important and requires careful consideration, guaranteeing the perfect choice tools for our company and needs.


That’s all for today, but be sure not to miss out on our next post!

Sergi Renom
Software Engineer & Head of Customer Support

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