The concept of customer loyalty is relatively simple. Provide a product or serve which meets your customers needs and maintain their loyalty through appropriate engagement. The difficulty comes when you break this down.

What are the customers needs? What sort of engagement is appropriate? How does the answers to these questions translate to an effective loyalty program?

Keeping your loyalty program software means taking the responsibility of answering these questions yourself. When the customer interacts with your loyalty program software it needs to be intuitive and easy. Let Social&Loyal show you why.

Before You Set Up Your Loyalty Program

With the myriad considerations you need to make when choosing a loyalty program, it is crucial that you don’t go into this decision blind. If you take a look at a particular software and even doing the research on its features seems complicated, then it doesn’t bode well for integration into the rest of your business model.

Knowing what your loyalty program software can provide for you means you are better able to see into the future.

An accessible interface allows you to collect and analyse data effectively without wasting time on complicated processes.

Do your research and think about why you are investing in a customer loyalty program in the first place. Answering these fundamental questions will prove incredibly useful down the line.

The loyalty software you choose should not only be intuitive to use, it should put you at ease with the entire concept. If running loyalty software seems awkward and difficult, running your loyalty program will likely be equally problematic.

Creating Your Loyalty Program

One of the most important reasons loyalty program software needs to be easy to use is so that it can help you start out on the right foot. If you create your loyalty program in a state of uncertainty and complication, then the enacting of the program will follow suit.

Your loyalty program software should help you answer the important questions you need to ask yourselves when setting out:

  • What type of loyalty program will work for you:

Do you have low level rewards which will work best with a points based reward program? Do you have exclusivity aspects to your brand which will suit a tiers rewards system? Do you require a paid loyalty program which requires a higher level investment on the part of your customer? Easy to use loyalty software will help you answer these questions so that you structure your program in the correct way for you.

  • What does your customer look like:

Knowing what type of reward program your customer will appreciate means knowing your customer in the first place. Your loyalty software needs to be able to build up demographics as well as individual customer profiles. Doing so will mean making the decisions for the structure of your loyalty program as well as the types of rewards you create much easier.

  • Creating the parameters for success:

It can be tempting to shoot for the moon when starting a loyalty program, but if the moon is your measure of success, then failure is likely in your future. Easy to use loyalty software will help you to create realistic goals. To do this it will help you choose your own parameters for success. You will be able to analyse what has worked before as well as highlight the places you have been overlooking.

  • Deciding your rewards:

While you have many factors to consider when established your loyalty program, many customers will have one thing at the forefront of their minds. What do they get out of it? Using your customer and demographic profiles means you will be able to find out the type of rewards your customers will value as well as understanding the values your customers will reward with their loyalty.

How Usability Benefits the Customer

You may find yourself on good footing once you start out on your loyalty program. However, staying on track can provide its own problems. Effective customer loyalty software will let you try out ideas and then measure them against your metrics for success. This means you can find stumbling blocks along the way. If your customer loyalty software doesn’t allow you to troubleshoot these problems easily, then you can find yourself in deep water.

The software you choose should allow an interface with the customer which is accessible and instinctive to use. It should give them the option to select their preferences in terms of usability as well as the type of rewards they will appreciate.

More than this, an easy to use interface means you can engage with the broadest spectrum of customer. Not everyone will understand the exact workings of a loyalty program, but all your customers need to grasp the basic concepts. This means providing a way to prove being loyal to your brand will benefit the individual. If you have a clunky and confusing operating system for your loyalty program, your customer retention will be affected. This is if you are able to draw in customers to begin with.

How Usability Benefits the Brand

If you have an interactive and customer friendly interface with your loyalty software, but you as a brand find it difficult to manage information, then you will not advance.

Loyalty programs are fundamentally driven by data. This means that your software needs to be able to accommodate this data.

Once you have set up reward schemes and incentives you will need to track them. Contests, promotions and any brand interaction need to be recorded. Your software needs to make it easy to document this data, but just as important it needs to be easy to analyse.

Your customer relationship management (CRM) needs to be thorough, prompt and bespoke. This means being able to address customer feedback as soon as required. It means being able to access customer information easily so you can best help then both when there is a problem and when there is opportunity to improve loyalty (not to mention bringing new customers on board).

With multichannel distribution, broad social media outreach and a densely structured reward programs, you will have so much data that it can seem overwhelming. If you don’t have an intuitive and easy to use customer loyalty software to manage this data, you are going to struggle. Fortunately, Social&Loyal provides just that. Consider requesting a demo and take a look at what options we have to help you with your customer loyalty program by browsing our website.

Kelly Rogan
CMO Social&Loyal
Kelly is our VP of Business Development and a loyalty and customer retention expert having worked with large brands all over the globe to grow true brand loyalty. She’s written for media outlets such as Forbes, Inc and Startup Grind on topics related to digital marketing and brand loyalty. She is passionate about combining behavioural psychology and technology to boost results.

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