It is not uncommon when noticing a new concept or innovation in the online world, to wonder whether we actually need it in our company. It is a way to find out whether or not it can actually be useful for us and bring us some kind of value.
Which is why I would like to talk to you today about Social Media CRM (the management of client relations via social media) and to help you decide whether or not to incorporate it in your business.

It collects data on your audience: the Social Media CRM uses social media (and other online channels) to collect information on your audience. It usually deals with two kinds of data: declared data (that which the user fills into their social profile such as age, gender, or nationality) and inferred data (conclusions that are deduced based on social behavior).
Preferences and personal taste would be included in the latter. For example, we would know that a user is interested in fashion if they have liked several fashion bloggers on Facebook, if they participate in different groups about fashion or if they have published or retweeted on Twitter relevant news in this sector). This data is very valuable and quite difficult to get our hands on in any other way.
It allows you to better understand your clients: One of the unarguable advantages of Social Media CRM is that thanks to the data it provides, we can significantly improve our understanding of our clients. Knowing how they think, what they are looking for, their preferences etc. allows you to create more precise strategies and look for new ways to reach them effectively.
You can predict your users’ needs. Thanks to this very information, you will be able to predict your user’s needs. You can guess their behavior and stay one step ahead fo them.
It is a great way to increase client loyalty. A Social Media CRM is also an excellent way to create customer loyalty strategies. Given the data it offers you and by getting to know your audience better, you can offer them tailored promotions, exclusive offers and much more that will help you devise more effective and personalized loyalty strategies.

These 4 aspects open our eyes to the incredible potential of a Social CRM for a company. It is also essential, however, to keep in mind that data collection should always strictly follow each country’s laws in that area.

It is also important to use the right tools and programs for this data collection to be done safely and effectively, that then allows us to implement strategies including offers, gaming actions, exclusive promotions, and many others.

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Sergi Renom
Software Engineer & Head of Customer Support

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